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We are the only truly non-toxic pest control company in South Florida. While licensed and insured to use the same methods as traditional exterminators, we prefer to use only non toxic materials to rid your home of pests, and not expose you, or any members of your family to dangerous and harmful chemicals. For almost 20 years our family operated business has helped customers in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, and all the surrounding cities in West Palm Beach.

Please don't be deceived by companies claiming to SPRAY all natural/organic products. Chemical companies have turned these products to unsafe toxins. Please reach out to us below to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE:

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We achieve results and remain environmentally responsible. 

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We, at Atlantic Pest Control Inc. are  truly a real and loving family. As family we look out for the well being of each other. 

We know your family is like ours. Call us and  see family pride in the work we do.

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That's why we use only environmentally safe products and ecologically secure practices.