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"As an inspector for the city of New York, I was sent to ensure standards were kept in buildings owned by private landlords.  Ants, roaches, bedbugs and pantry pests were among the insect problems.

When I reported on these insect problems I was faced with a dilemma.  In a attempt to relieve the insect problem landlords would have the living units sprayed with insecticides. Some time after the tenants would then complain back to me. They had good reason to believe whatever was being sprayed in their home was causing  health  related issues. I had come to the realization reporting on insect problems wasn't doing the families any favors. (It was about this time I'd read "Silent Spring") Such was the dilemma.

However, there were a few buildings I inspected in Chinatown which did not have insect problems.  What made it truly amazing was the downstairs tenants were restaurants.  When I questioned the maintenance workers in these buildings, they showed me a powder, which they said they used to keep the buildings free from insects.  I'd thought they were either kidding me or they had misunderstood my question.  

Well, they were serious. They had understood my question very well.  This powder they showed me was FRESH WATER DIATOMACEOUS EARTH.  I researched it. To my amazement this substance not only kept homes insect-free but was safe for use in homes with children, the elderly, the infirmed, pets and plants. (Please research FRESH WATER DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. It's truly amazing.)Ninety percent of the products Atlantic Pest Control Inc. uses to protect homes from insects is Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth (D.E).