Atlantic Pest Control Inc.:
uses fresh water Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), a safe alternative to spraying pesticides!

is safe for people of ALL ages

• DE is safe for your pets
• DE is safe for your plants

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Is killing bugs, killing you? Cancer, brain damage, nerve depletion are among the health problems now being attributed to the same pesticides you allow in your home!

Atlantic Pest Control uses Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth, a natural and powerfull substance deadly to any insect and completely harmless to humans and animals!

First of all, we at Atlantic Pest Control want the public to know we have a sense of responsibility towards the planet and all life that inhabits it, now and in the future.

And second, we as individuals and as a company would like the public to know there are safer ways to provide insect control to their surroundings. It is no longer necessary to spray insecticides on a regular basis to keep your surroundings insect free. And natural does not mean safe. Don’t fall for those lines that those products are from nature so it’s okay to be exposed to them.  The most powerful and most dangerous insecticides are made from plants. Organic does not always equal safe. The public has every right to ask for the Material Safety Data Sheet from the company providing the pest control service. The product we at Atlantic Pest Control use inside the walls, ceilings and any opening we can find in and around your home is FRESH-WATER DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. We use it extensively. We use it right. And, we have been using it for over 12 years. We cannot be any prouder of the results we achieve with so safe a product.  LOOK IT UP YOURSELF. Freshwater diatomaceous earth has been used to control insects for thousands of years. If there was a dangerous side effect you’d think they’d find it by now. Well they haven’t because there is none.


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